As a small business owner, the time has come to take your business to the next level by taking advantage of the massive traffic on Facebook, one of the leading social media platforms online. Regardless of your website, an advert on the print and electronic media, you need to create an active web presence and an effective social media marketing to get the best results for your business.

More than 1 billion people use Facebook daily. That is massive! Not Twitter or Instagram comes near that number in a month. Therefore, if you can leverage traffic already on Facebook, you would be doing your business a lot of good. You can easily engage your customers online using Facebook and bring in more leads.

Meanwhile, you must be strategic to use Facebook effectively for business purposes. We have, therefore, put together 9 surefire tips for using Facebook effectively for the best result possible. Here are the tips.

1. Create a Business Facebook Page

As a business, you must create a Facebook page that portrays your brand. Use your business name, logo, color, fonts, and tagline – everything that signifies your brand. The tone and theme of content you share must all correspond to your business – products, and services.

Besides, hire a graphics designer to design a topnotch Facebook banner that displays your products, services, location, logo, etc. Write a brief description about your business and how you can help them solve problems that relate to your business.

2. Inform Your Audience

Apart from your existing customers who already know about you, your products and services, and location, new leads should be able to see your information without hassles. As a result, provide your detailed information on your Facebook page. Include your physical location address, phone number, working hours, website’s URL, emails, and every piece of information that can assist them in reaching you without any difficulties.

3. Use Your Facebook Page Actively

If you want to retain your existing customers and attract new ones, you should be using your Facebook page actively. Engaging your audience goes a long way in making them loyal customers. It is an error to post an update a few a year; most customers would not even know you still exist. However, if you post a few times every week, you will give your audience enough content to binge on about your products and services, and other valuable information. To succeed on Facebook, you must INFORM and ENGAGE your audience.

4. Post Relevant Content

Consistency and relevance are needed to use Facebook to promote your business. Post content, images, tips, and information that relate to your products and services. Do not stray; else, you will direct your fans, audiences, and customers to other businesses. Remember to

5. Send out Invites

After creating the Facebook Page for your business, invite your friends, family, and existing customers to like the page. Ask them to share your Facebook Page with their friends. Put your Facebook link on your website, flyers, business cards, and email signature. Creatively ask your customers to share your links on their walls with their friends.

6. Use Images and a Call-to-Action

Images are powerful and can communicate about 80% of what you intend to say. Find relevant images that have the right message you want to share. You can get royalty-free images on several image depositories online. Do not close any post without asking your audience to take action. Always give them a task to engage them with your content. And finally, share your website URL or links to previous posts.

7. Creatively Engage Your Audience

You need to be sure that your customers are with you. There should be a way of interacting with them and get responses. When you relate to your audience, it brings excitement.  However, you have to be creative and strategic about it. Create a plan by deciding the age of the customers you want to attract, their interest, what they like, and the relevant theme to the people in their age group. This will allow you to create posts that will be targeted at them correctly. You can create polls, contests, and tutorials.

8. Evaluate Your Progress and Update Your Strategy

There is a need to track people’s responses to your posts. What type of post do they like most and give the most comments? Which posts get the most likes? Is there a sudden increase in traffic after posting a particular content? Take note of these items and adjust your strategy for better results.

Note that the type of content that gets the most views, likes, and comments is the most ideal for your business. Align your style and perfect your content.

9. Try Facebook Advertising

Facebook is a goldmine for high-quality traffic. You can try Facebook ads to boost your company’s image and sales. You can target a specific area and a filtered category of people for the best results. You are assured of a good ROI when you run a Facebook ad.


The above are surefire tips for creating and running an active Facebook Page for your business. Follow the tips and grow your business.